SB619 Advances

A California law passed in 2009 that aimed to protect students from losing their tuition if a school closes down now may exempt flight-training facilities that don’t collect up-front tuitions, NATA said this week.

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Burbank City Council Ready to Work With Airport

The Burbank City Council this week voted unanimously to begin negotiations to extend the city’s development agreement with Bob Hope Airport for an additional three years – a sort of “cease fire” that will allow the two parties to plan future capital projects without high-pressure deadlines.

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L.A. City Council Plays Politics with Santa Monica Airport

SMO1L.A. City Council seeks change in takeoff routes at Santa Monica Airport

Council members vote 11 to 0 to support federal legislation or an administrative action that would close six flight schools and alter the current departure route that crosses the Penmar Golf Course and runs along Rose Avenue in Venice to the beach.

The Los Angeles City Council called for federal legislation that would change the takeoff route from Santa Monica Airport and close all six of its flight schools.

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Let’s be Friends

facebook_logoThe California Pilots Association has been working hard to increase our communications capabilities. Our redesigned newsletter is professionally formatted and includes a great deal more aviation pertinent information.

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Torrance Airport Helicopter Routes Questioned

Many of the helicopter operators, like the fixed-wing operators, have objected to the proposed changes because of serious safety concerns about mixing the two types of traffic and the great difficulty of seeing and avoiding helicopters in the absence of sufficient geographic and/or altitude separation.

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