March 2015

Aviation Regulation

Drone activity noted on sectional charts

WHAT. NO PILOT IN THE COCKPIT? Drone activity noted on sectional charts with a small airplane symbol with the letters “UA”.

“Manned and unmanned aircraft not authorized in the same traffic pattern. Arriving manned air­craft may follow unmanned aircraft on final.”

AREAS WITH A PREPONDERANCE of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) activity are typically noted on sectional charts with a small airplane symbol, similar to that used for glider operating areas but with the letters “UA” instead of “G.” Expect UAS activity in nearby restricted or other special-use airspace and mili­tary installations.

California Airports

FAA Rolls Out New AME Guidance on OSA

On March 2, 2015, FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine rolled out its new guidance for AME’s on Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In response to feedback from pilots, other industry stakeholders, and Congress, FAA heavily revised guidance that was previously proposed last year. To address concerns that were raised by pilots, the new guidance asks AMEs to evaluate applicants on multiple criteria rather than Body Mass Index (BMI) alone. If a pilot exhibits some of the criteria but is deemed to be at low risk of OSA, the AME will regular[AE1] issue the medial certificate with some educational material on OSA. Applicants meeting some criteria and deemed to be at high risk of OSA will still be Regular issued but with a request for more information after a consultation from their regular doctor within 90 days. Only applicants that report, or if the AME observes severe symptoms of OSA, will the applicant then be deferred to the Aerospace Medical Certification Division.

Aviation Interest

World’s Greatest Pilot In Town For Documentary

PALM SPRINGS, Ca. – Bob Hoover is often called “the world’s greatest pilot”. His job as a test pilot was to push the limits of aircraft. The documentary ‘Flying the Feathered Edge’ is about his extraordinary career.

The 93-year-old, living legend was at the Palm Springs Air Museum for a private screening of the documentary.

You can purchase a copy at: and also find dates of where you can watch it on the big screen.