May 2015

California Airports

Anti-KSMO Sentiment

NIMBY Group Looks To Stir Up Anti-KSMO Sentiment

Soliciting Complaint Forms For Members Of Congress To Take To The FAA

In an effort to have further restrictions placed on Santa Monica Airport … or close it all together … a group describing itself as a “growing network including thousands of people from our local community” has put up a website in an effort to get involved in “shaping the future use of the Santa Monica Airport Land to better the lives of our entire community and future generations.”

You can bet that it doesn’t involve airplanes.

California Airports

Watsonville air show grounded after 50 years

WATSONVILLE — A 50-year-old air show will be grounded this year, with no aerobatics and no performances, after the nonprofit Watsonville Fly-In and Air Show decided to hand over the reins to the city.

Hank Wempe, the fly-in and air show’s board president, said declining attendance and corporate sponsorships forced board members to donate funds out of their own pockets to keep the event going the past few years.

The board was tired of just scraping by, Wempe said.

“What we need is movers and shakers and we didn’t have them on our board,” Wempe said.

Now the Watsonville Municipal Airport, which is owned by the city of Watsonville, will run the show.