FAA seeks to better regulate the use of drones

October 20, 2015

Concerned about rising reports of close calls and safety risks involving drones, the government announced Monday it will require many of the increasingly popular unmanned aircraft to be registered.

California Governor Brown Vetoes UAV Bill

September 11, 2015

Says The Law Would Have Potentially Led To Excessive Litigation

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) has taken what may have been an unexpected, but welcome step … at least welcomed by the UAV industry. On Wednesday, he vetoed SB 142, the bill that would have forced all UAVs to fly at an altitude of not lower than 350 feet over most of the state.

In his veto message, Brown (pictured) said “This bill would enact trespass liability for anyone flying a drone less than 350 feet about real property without the express permission of the property owner, whether or not anyone’s privacy was violated by the flight.

California Modifies Proposed UAV Trespass Bill

August 14, 2015

Would Consider Any Flight Under 350 Feet As A Violation

The California general assembly is considering a modified UAV trespass bill that would make any flight over private property at an altitude under 350 feet a violation of the state’s trespassing law.