AB 2501 Stalls In Committee

As you may know by now, the debacle known as AB 2501 has stalled in committee. This is good news and shows that the system works, in that there are elected officials who saw it for the waste of time and resources and the political grandstanding that it is. However, we wanted you to know the votes for and against this ‘unnecessary’ piece of legislation.

Below please find the votes. You may want to ask your Assembly person why he/she voted for this bill. Why? It could resurface and they need to know you do not support it.

AYES: Gil Cedillo, Christine Kehoe, Alan Lowenthal, Joe Simitian, Nell Soto, Tom Torlakson

NOES: Roy Ashburn, Denise Ducheny, Robert Dutton, Mike Machado, Bob Margett, Tom McClintock, George Runner

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