Aircraft Registration Changes Proposed – (More New User Fees)

In an effort to increase and maintain the accuracy of aircraft registration in the U.S., the FAA issued a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) titled “Re-Registration and Renewal of Aircraft Registration.” This NPRM would replace the current non-expiring aircraft registration with a registration that is only good for three years (generating $31,000,000 every three years!). If the registration expires the N-number would also be canceled. To stay legal, owners would have to renew their aircraft registration before it expires. Also, owners of currently registered aircraft would have to re-register their aircraft to the new expiring registration. Major criticism of the new procedure is being drawn from groups such as AOPA and the NBAA. Although they both support the FAA’s intentions to clean up the system, they do not agree with the FAA’s procedures. The NBAA feels that the FAA’s proposal would be expensive to administer and problematic for aircraft operators. AOPA is in favor of modifications to the FAA’s plan. Some alterations involve the renewal process. AOPA feels the registration shouldn’t be canceled, but should have to be verified through an online system. If the owner fails to do so the aircraft registration becomes inactive instead of canceled. This would also protect the aircraft’s N-number from being canceled.

Editor’s Note: Lets call this what it is, another tax on aircraft owners. Perhaps the FAA is out of touch with the current reduction in GA usage due to the outrageous cost of fuel. What is the problem they are trying to solve here? We would like to see proof that it exists. As written, this NPRM would generate $31,000,000 every three years for the FAA, and we will be paying it out. To review the proposal and go to their web site.

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