Annual Meeting 2007 – Los Angeles

Mark your calendars, Saturday, October 6th, is the date for the California Pilots Association’s Annual Membership meeting.

Please Mark Your Calendars, Saturday, October 6th, is the date for the California Pilots Association’s Annual Membership meeting. Everyone is invited, member or not. The meeting will be held at the Flight Path Learning Center- Museum at LAX. The Flight Path Learning Center Museum is on the LAX side of the Imperial Highway (on airport property) about a 1/4 mile from the west end of I-105.

Start time will be 9:00 AM with the meeting running until 3:00PM. There will be a short California Pilots Association business meeting, followed by presentations as listed below. A no host lunch break will be included in the program, so you will have sufficient time to eat something. Your lunch donation will gladly be accepted.

This year?s meeting we will be focusing on the most detrimental issue our general aviation airports face, ENCROACHMENT. Come meet your regional CALPILOTS representative and become informed about what you can do to insure that ‘airport smart development’ becomes the norm around your airport.

Here is the program we have put together for you.

  1. 9:00-10:00
    Business Meeting – President’s Welcome/Report then:
    Summary of Statewide Airport Issues. The Board of the California Pilots Association will be discussing the issues in each of the five regions. Here is your chance to ask questions and provide feedback, and lets not forget? volunteer.

  2. 10:00 – 11:00
    Understanding Airport Encroachment Issues

    Chris Ferrell, Associate Land Planner from Caltrans Division of Aeronautics (DoA) will be discussing what DoA is doing to help prevent airport encroachment as well as what you can do to assist them in their efforts. Here is your chance to understand exactly what guidelines the state DoA provide communities for development around their airports. It is important for you to understand this so you can help educate your local community officials, which in most cases is required.
    PLUS – Chris will be announcing the latest efforts by DoA, and how the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) will affect General Aviation Airports and land use.

  3. 11:00- 11:30
    An Update on the Debacle Called Sunroads

    Ron Cozad, Aviation Attorney and California Pilots Association Director-at-Large, will be discussing the specifics behind how Sunroads Development tried to circumvent the law, and FAA regulations, erecting a building which was too tall due to its proximity to the Montgomery Field in the San Diego area. To learn more about this situation perform a search for Sunroads on this website.

  4. LUNCH BREAK – 11:30 – 12:30 (Possible Working Lunch)

  5. 12:30 -1:00
    LGB – Is There a Class C in Your Future?

    Jack Kenton, California Pilots Association VP Region 4, will be discussing the FAA?s quiet behind the scenes research on the possible implication of a Class Airspace for Long Beach Airport. This is a very controversial situation because many feel the airlines are pushing for it, while general aviation users in the area don?t want to allow it, since it would make the local airspace even more complicated (if that’s possible).

  6. 1:15 – 2:00
    Understanding Your Flight Physical

    Mort Gubin, MD and AME will be discussing how to keep your flight physical even as the years begin to add up. This is important to all of us and will be worth your time. Mort is an active CALPILOPTS member who practices medicine in the Palm Springs area.

  7. 2:30 – 3:00 Annual Airport Advocate Award Presentation
    Following our annual tradition, we will be presenting an award to the outstanding person(s) who in have shown excellence in leadership and effort towards airport advocacy.

  8. Questions

Embassy Suites South - LAX

Friday Night ‘Meet and Greet’
On Friday night before the meeting, we will be holding a no host informal meet and greet at the Embassy Suites Hotel across the street from the Museum from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We suggest that you reserve your room now to insure you have a convenient place to stay. (Note: Embassy Suites LAX South – located on West Imperial Highway).

Museum Information – Location

The Flight Path Museum was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit, community-based organization to honor aviation pioneers, recognize the economic importance of aviation and aerospace to Southern California, and encourage youth to pursue education and careers in aviation-related fields. Address: 6661 West Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, CA90009; Phone: 310-215-5291. There is much to see at the museum and in the Los Angeles area. Don?t miss it. For more information go to their web site

Note: Pilots that want to operate at LAX should contact the operations group at 310 646-4265 for possible parking information. Parking is normally provided by FBO’s for a charge.

Overhead View of the museum and hotel area on the south side of LAX
Hotel and Museum Locations

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