AOPA has launched its effort to spread the facts about the FAA’s funding “crisis” and combat the fiction that is being propagated by the FAA and the airlines. AOPA President Phil Boyer started the push on Wednesday in San Diego with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), a professional organization for airport executives that represents management ranging from small GA airports to large commercial airports. Boyer addressed more than 500 enthusiastic executives during their annual conference, explaining how AOPA is working against the Bush Administration’s budget cut of almost $1 billion from the Airport Improvement Program. But he also pointed out that there is a larger threat: “Looming on the horizon for aviation is the threat of user fees.” Then he laid out the facts. “There is a lot of misinformation going around, but the facts speak for themselves,” Boyer said. “There will be a trust fund surplus by 2011; modernization will reduce ATC system costs; and the current ATC system is the safest, most efficient system in the world. Let’s keep Congress the ‘board of directors’ and keep our National Airspace System the leader of the pack.” See AOPA Online.

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