Automation of WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program

The long awaited release of the automated WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program is here, and with it come exciting opportunities for you to improve your piloting knowledge and skills!

An obvious incentive to pilots is the added level of safety and professionalism that can be obtained through incorporation of a consistent recurrent training program. Another real plus is that qualifying for the Basic phase of WINGS meets the requirements under 14 CFR, Part 61.56 for a flight review. Maintaining at least the Basic phase means that your flight review will always be current.

The new Internet-based system allows you to have ownership and control of your aviation training and proficiency. You will be able to customize your individual pilot profile so the training you receive is relevant to your flying environment. You will also be able to track your progress on-line through your user account.As a registered user of you may already have WINGS credits, even if you have not yet signed up to participate in the new WINGS program. For example, you have automatically received credit for eligible on-line courses you completed in the past. These credits will appear on your “My WINGS” page once you have signed up to participate in the new WINGS program.

Remember, though, that WINGS credits expire every 12 months. The system will automatically send you a reminder when one or more of your WINGS credits are within 30 days of expiring. During the initial roll out of the new system, anyone who completed a course more than 11 months ago has already received this email for each course previously taken, whether you have signed up for WINGS or not. If for some reason you choose not to participate in the WINGS program, you can disregard that reminder email.

This notice does not apply to any requirements you may have accomplished under the “old” WINGS Pilot Proficiency Award Program, which remains valid through December 31, 2007. However, we strongly encourage you to participate in the new WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program. For a limited time, completion of at least the Basic phase under the new WINGS program will also qualify you to receive the phase of WINGS you are working on under the old program. Contact your local FAASTeam Program Manager or FAASTeam Representative for details.

For more information about the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program, log on to Information regarding the new WINGS program can be found by selecting the “WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program” link on the lower left side of the home page, then selecting the “WINGS Help” link. Here you will find an overview of the new program as well as additional help links, including an on-line help tutorial.

Please contact your local FAASTeam Program Manager or FAASTeam Representative if you have questions about the new WINGS program or any other products or features of the FAA Safety Team.

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