Back Country Arizona Airstrip Needs Your Help

If ever there was a time the need existed for the aviation community to come forward, to pitch in and help support the re-opening of an airstrip, the time is now! Please accept this request to both physically and monetarily, assist the Arizona Pilots Association in re-opening Tuweep airstrip (L50). This aviation treasure, located on Arizona State Trust Land on the Grand Canyon?s north rim, was temporarily closed by the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) approximately two years ago. They sighted a lack of response to their lease request as the reason for the closure. The Arizona Pilots Association (APA) submitted an application to lease L50 from ASLD, and was subsequently informed that APA is eligible to obtain a lease, if the following conditions are met:

1. An archeological study must be conducted that meets ASLD requirements.
2. Five million dollars worth of liability insurance must be provided.

APA has recently engaged the services of an Archeologist to conduct an L50 archeological study. Once this study has been completed and the insurance requirement has been complied with, the State indicated they will draw up a lease for APA to sign, and L50 will again be re-opened to the public as a recreational airstrip.

The archeological study is anticipated to cost approximately $3,000 (a one time charge), and APA has secured an insurance quote for approximately $3,500 (annually). We have offered $1,000 per-year to the State for the ground lease at Tuweep.

You can help!

APA is absolutely committed to obtaining this lease and keeping L50 open. We will provide the long term leadership and administrative staff required to accomplish this. We will also appropriate all the funds we possibly can, but we can?t go it alone. Pilot?s with previous concerns about L50?s closure, as well as all other interested parties, need to come forward at this time to answer APA?s call for help. It has come down to this: L50 will be lost unless the aviation community decides it is worth the price to keep it open. We have received some donations, but are still far short of our ultimate goal.

The Utah Back Country Pilots, The Recreational Aviation Foundation and other aviation organizations have expressed an interest in helping re-open this magnificent gateway to the Grand Canyon, which has existed for more than 50 years.

APA has set up a special fund and is accepting tax deductible donations to off-set the cost of acquiring this lease and restoring the operation of L50. All interested parties should make their checks out to The Tuweep Restoration Fund and mail them to:

Arizona Pilots Association
P.O. Box 61242
Phoenix, Arizona 85082-1242.

Any donations, large or small, will be accepted and gratefully appreciated. APA is a 501c-3 corporation and you will receive a receipt for your fully tax deductible donation.

As the season of giving approaches, we hope that you will consider supporting this historical landmark of backcountry aviation. Thank you for your understanding and generosity in resurrecting a lost but not forgotten airstrip.

Arv Schultz, President Arizona Pilots Association

Editor’s Note:For more information go to their web site.

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