Burbank Bob Hope Airport Night Curfew – What Can You Do?

Open letter regarding the purposed curfew for Bob Hope Airport (Burbank). This ill advised city proposal effectively shuts the airport down to everyone at night. Send your own letter to let our elected officials know your opinion on this inadvisable proposal. For over thirty years, the airlines and other users of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) have maintained a voluntary nighttime curfew for sound abatement in the surrounding neighborhoods. During that time, the airport authority offered free soundproofing for all homes in the airport?s departure ?footprint.? Together, these measures have been so extraordinarily successful that residents who live immediately below the departure path consistently describe their neighborhood as being a pleasant and quiet place to live.


The fact that it has been voluntary also gives it the kind of flexibility needed for the airport to properly serve all its users. Those whose aircraft produce the greatest noise (commercial and private jet aircraft and larger prop aircraft) have observed the curfew most strictly in an effort to be ?good neighbors.? But the airport is still available to those — especially general aviation light aircraft whose engine noise is virtually unnoticed — who may need it at an odd hour, as well as the very occasional business departure and, of course, emergency vehicles. Such uses here have been minimal, and, in all, this has been an equitable solution for a quiet neighborhood.

Also for the last thirty years, a small, vocal group of ?residents? ? many of whom live in surrounding communities far from the airport and its flight paths ? have been systematically attacking and attempting to curtail and cripple this airport which is responsible for millions of dollars in business per year for our community, and an indispensable alternative to LAX for commercial travelers. Over the years, along with legal harassment, these people have managed to capture both the Airport Authority and the city government of Burbank.

The Airport Authority has instituted a Part 161 study for the purpose of petitioning the FAA to turn this successful voluntary curfew into a mandatory one encompassing all except emergency aircraft. This is a typical heavy-handed government approach to a non-problem. The Authority falsely claims the voluntary curfew to be ?semi-successful? and that the residents of Burbank are ?still looking? for ?meaningful nighttime noise relief.? As a resident, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. And the 45-day comment period they instituted for this study went unheralded, and therefore unnoticed, by the affected residents and general public!

Restricting all aircraft, whether noisy or not, will create distortions in operations which the current voluntary system mitigates, not to mention the legal harassment of pilots by the self-appointed ?watchdogs? this will generate. It will also serve notice that cooperating in good faith with voluntary programs simply opens one to mandatory top-down restriction by a government which does not operate in good faith! Furthermore, the so-called cost/benefit analysis done by the Authority ignores the individual benefit — which cannot be quantified — of general aviation access, as needed, to the only major airport in the eastern San Fernando Valley. Note that GA aircraft routinely fall below noise abatement parameters.

I urge you to convey to the FAA that this Part 161 application should be rejected, and that the equitable and highly successful voluntary curfew at Burbank Airport be allowed to continue without further restriction or harassment from either the Airport Authority or the City of Burbank.



Peter Albiez
California Pilots Association – Director-at-Large



Honorable Dianne Feistein
31 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510


Honorable Barbara Boxer 112 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510


Honorable Adam B. Schiff
326 Cannon House Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20515


Honorable Brad Sherman
2242 Rayburn Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20515

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