Aviation Regulation

Aviation Regulation

California Governor Brown Vetoes UAV Bill

Says The Law Would Have Potentially Led To Excessive Litigation

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) has taken what may have been an unexpected, but welcome step … at least welcomed by the UAV industry. On Wednesday, he vetoed SB 142, the bill that would have forced all UAVs to fly at an altitude of not lower than 350 feet over most of the state.

In his veto message, Brown (pictured) said “This bill would enact trespass liability for anyone flying a drone less than 350 feet about real property without the express permission of the property owner, whether or not anyone’s privacy was violated by the flight.

Aviation Regulation

Medical Reform? ALPA Opposes It

ALPA Opposes GA Medical-Reform Effort


EAA leadership was fuming at AirVenture on Saturday morning, as they dealt with a last-minute, unexpected letter from the Air Line Pilots Association sent to members of Congress, opposing the Pilots’ Bill of Rights 2 now under consideration — with a vote in the Senate expected as soon as Tuesday. ALPA cited concerns over safety if the bill, which would allow GA pilots to self-certify under most circumstances, were to pass. “This is an out-and-out attack to derail the bill,” EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said at an impromptu news conference at Oshkosh on Saturday morning. “We think it’s unconscionable, and unfair to the GA public.” Pelton and the EAA staffers quickly worked to rally the troops at AirVenture to call their senators on Monday to let them know the bill is important to them.