Pre-2008 Archived Articles

Pre-2008 Archived Articles

Janurary/February 2002 Letters to the Editor


Airports Across the Pond

I don’t know if you are aware but many pilots in the UK hold up GA in the USA as a panacea and something only to be dreamed of over here. I don’t think many of us realise that you are subject to the same pressures against your facilities and the same imperatives to defend your liberties. I’m sure the fact that we can look so enviously upon GA in the USA is in no small part the result of the vigilance of people such as yourselves and the support you find within your “user community.”

Pre-2008 Archived Articles

Janurary/February 2002 Pilots Briefing

Pilot Briefing

Dunsmuir Mott Tree Heights Impact Siskiyou County Airports

Caltrans has suspended flight permit operations to Dunsmuir Muni Mott, and airport funds to five Siskiyou County-run airports have been suspended due to safety concerns over County height ordinance enforcement and wording.