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California Pilots Association
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Corl Leach
Charlene Fulton
Walt Wells

d_silhouettePresident Emeritus

Jay White

d_silhouetteVice President
Region 1
Paula Jessup
Office of Airports ResponsbilityAreaMap273px d_silhouetteDirector
Andy Wilson
d_silhouetteVice President
Region 2
Joe Borzelleri
Bill Sanders
carolVice President
Region 3
Carol Ford
Bill Turpie
Corman-profileVice President
Region 4
Phil Corman
Peter Albiez
d_silhouetteVice President
Region 5
Ed Story
Paul Osterman
d_silhouetteVice President
Region 6
Kurt Knepper


Karen Kahn 

d_silhouetteChapter Administrator

David Williams

d_silhouetteGeneral Counsel
Karl Schweikert, Esq.


Chris Novotny


Past President
Ed Rosiak


Advisory Council
Jack Kenton

Advisory Council
Jim MacKnight
d_silhouetteAdvisory Council John Pfeifer

Advisory Council
Doug Rice

d_silhouette Corl Leach, President.
Pumping gas, washing airplanes, and mowing grass at small midwestern airports established my early roots in aviation. Through the decades that experience expanded through many airborne adventures: instructing, charter, military (USN and USAF), airline, and recreational flying. I believe General Aviation enthusiasts must be engaged if local airports and GA are to survive and thrive. In 2007 I energized the founding of the Lincoln Regional Aviation Association chapter of CalPIlots. My logbook reveals 18,000 flight hours, Airline Transport Pilot, CFI-AIME (Gold Seal), Adv Ground Instructor. FAA Safety Team Representative. I’m employed as a Boeing 737 Captain but a C-172 is my preferred aerial steed.
d_silhouette Charlene Fulton, Secretary
I received my private pilot’s license in 1992 and am still an active pilot. Since 1994, I have been a member, secretary, vice-president and am currently President on my sixth term of the Modesto Airport Pilots Association; served from 2002 to 2003 as Vice-President for Region III, of CalPilots and from 2008 to present time serving as Director At Large for Region III of CalPilots. Other organizations: I have been a member of AOPA since 2003 and am currently the Airport Rep for the Modesto Airport. I reside in Modesto with my husband Robert (Rob). Together, we have five adult children, two grandchildren, a family dog and cat
d_silhouette Walt Wells, Treasurer.
I flew in the Air Force for six years starting in 1963, flying the T-37, T-33, C-124 and C-141. I received training in the F-100 to become a fighter-qualified‚ Forward Air Controller in Vietnam flying the O-1 and the O-2. I left the Air Force to work for Arthur Andersen and Co. as an auditor and received my Certified Public Accountant certificate. I returned to flying in 1975 and became a flight instructor at Orange County and then a charter pilot in Denver, Chicago and San Carlos. I was hired by Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) in 1986 and flew the MD-80 and Boeing 737, 757 and 767 out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, retiring in 2001. I flew a business jet (Astra) for the next seven years. My wife, Linda, and I moved up the coast to The Sea Ranch, where we have a home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I have been CalPilots Treasurer since 1990.
d_silhouette Jay White, President Emeritus
I was first introduced to aviation as an aircraft mechanic in the service. I learned to fly after returning to civilian life, and obtained private pilot, commercial, instrument and multi-engine certification under the GI Bill. My first flying job was with a small contracting carrier flying as co-pilot on DC-4s for the military. After a year I was hired by United Airlines as a DC-3 co-pilot. During the next 33 years I flew 9 different types of aircraft. Upon reaching the mandatory age of 60 I retired as a B-747 captain. While flying for United I obtained a law degree and was admitted to the California Bar. I served several years as president of California Pilots Association.
Paula Jessup, VP Region 1.
d_silhouette Joe Borzelleri, VP Region 2.
d_silhouette Carol Ford, VP Region 3.
Since I had my first ride in a small plane when I was 12 years old, I have been hooked on flying. So years later, I took lessons at Phoenix Field in Fair Oaks, California and earned my Private Pilot Certificate. Phoenix Field is now a housing development. Later I move to Fremont and flew out of the small Airport along the bay which is now closed. When I moved to Redwood Shores, under the pattern of San Carlos Airport, I was determined that would not happen to other airports, if I could help it. I was awarded Airport Defender of the Year by the CalPilots in 1997. Now I am VP of Region 3; a Director of the CalPilots/ACA PAC; (AOPA) representative for San Carlos Airport; President of the San Carlos Airport Pilots Association; Past Chapter Chairperson, International Organization of Licensed Women Pilots. I also founded Ford Aviation Consultants dedicated to ensuring airports receive funding they deserve.
Corman-profile Phil Corman, VP Region 4.
I learned to fly in Fitchburg, MA in 1978. I currently own a Mooney M20S Eagle which flies at 180 knots. My wife and I travel the country in her regularly. I am the Founder of the Paso Robles Airport Association, Chairman of the Paso Robles Airport Advisory Committee, AOPA ASN for Paso Robles, an FAA FAAST Safety Rep for Paso Robles, on the Board of the EAA Chapter 465, and an Advisor to the Estrella Warbird Museum. I have overseen more than 70 fly-ins around the western USA which is my way of both having fun, causing people to fly more often, and sometimes to places that they might not have otherwise flown. I love General Aviation and hope that my passion and energy is contagious.
edstory Ed Story, VP Region 5.
I served as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army with a tour of duty in Vietnam. I am a commercial and instrument-rated fixed wing pilot with multi- engine and seaplane ratings, and am also a licensed helicopter pilot. I am active in protection of the aviation community as a member of the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group (addressing airspace issues in the greater Los Angeles area (, as a Board member of the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association (, and as a member of the Board of the newly-founded Friends Of Santa Monica Airport ( In the past, I have been active with the ShowHawks, an organization of pilots and aviation aficionados who work in the entertainment and movie business.
d_silhouette Andy Wilson, Director-at-Large.
I began flying out of the Hayward Executive Airport (HWD) in 1979, went on to get my Private Pilots license and soon after got my IFR rating. At the time I was with a major corporation doing large complex computer projects and flew primarily for pleasure. In 1984 I began my own company which later spawned a new Corporation and expanded my flying into single engine, high performance complex aircraft. I have time in gliders both in CA and Harris Hill, New York and have done some aerobatics. I joined AOPA in 1982, am a CALPILOTS member and became a Board Member in 2009. I am a HAM radio operator, call sign KG6BHB.
d_silhouette Peter Albiez, Director-at-Large.
I learned to fly in 1968, and currently fly my own aircraft. I have been a member of the AOPA since 1969. Other organizations: I am a FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative, International Flying Farmers, President of the California Flying Farmers and Chapter Newsletter Editor, Webmaster of, Vice President of the Whiteman Airport Association. Southern California Users Group – rep for BUR & WHP an Airport Rep for CalPilots, attend the Burbank Airport Authority’s meetings to monitor aviation related problems.
d_silhouette Bill Sanders, Director-at-Large.
I started flying while in college and continued my aviation career around the world in US Naval Aviation and various civilian flying clubs. When I discovered a strip mall being built in the Safety Zone my local airport, I had to act. Past CalPilots’ President Jay White, and another senior board member educated me in working with local policy makers to understand the necessity to be guided by the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook and limit incompatible development surrounding public use airports. I am on a quest to assist pilots in maintaining a dialog with their local governmental officials to be properly represented when deliberations are taking place that could impact their local airport’s ability to continue as a valued resource to the community. I was honored to receive the AOPA Presidential Citation for Unsurpassed Aviation Advocacy.
d_silhouette Bill Turpie, Director-at-Large.
My goal is to support the ongoing efforts of the CalPilots to preserve ALL airports (rural/urban/improved/unimproved) from non-aviation friendly physical and legislative “encroachments”. My past experience includes working with: Land Use documents and laws; Environmental laws (State and Federal); and elected officials and staff (city, county, state and federal). My focus is on, ALUC documents, city and county aviation ordinances and proposed aviation based legislation at both state and federal levels. My flying experience is entirely single engine/land, predominately for pleasure. I have 400+/- hours total time with an emphasis on taildraggers. I am the past President of EAA Chapter 526, Auburn, Ca and currently President of the Lincoln Regional Aviation Assoc. (LRAA), a local pilots organization.
d_silhouette Ed Rosiak, Past President.
I learned to fly on my own in Wisconsin in the early 70’s. Each lesson took 25% of my paycheck, so it took me a long time. I followed my Private with an Instrument Rating a year later, becoming an AOPA member even before I received my license. I moved to California in 1974 and enjoyed a career as a high level manager specializing in telecommunications with multiple high tech giants. I joined the EAA in the early 90’s and built my own aircraft which took flight in 2001. It was obvious that airports were disappearing and I became a CALPILOTS member in the mid 90’s, becoming active in 2002 taking over newsletter duties in 2003. In 2006 I was elected president of CALPILOTS and have been serving since. I am a dues paying member of AOPA, EAA, CALPILOTS and others. I fly a 2001 Lancair Super ES and am based at Frazier Lake (1C9).
jackkenton1 Jack Kenton, Advisory Council.
I was former Naval Aviator (big airplanes), then a bit as a PanAm flight engineer (B707) and ending up as a FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ops) — looking over the shoulder of airline pilots and their airline operations. I changed to Army Aviator (Reservist) flying UH-1 machines back in the late 70’s. With a father-built Thorp T-18, I got involved with the EAA and did a bit as president and newsletter guy. I am now representing my home airport (Compton) and am co-chairman of our SoCal Airspace Users Working Group (L.A. airspace issues).
d_silhouette Doug Rice, Advisory Council.
I began flying in 1971 out of San Jose International (SJC). Since then, I have accumulated over 23,000 hours of flying time in aircraft as varied as the 182 and the 767 and currently fly the A320 as a Captain. My background includes experience as an Airport Commissioner, Safety and Security Coordinator, and designated Airspace Expert. I currently work as the Security Coordinator for a Part 135 Certificate, have numerous projects in progress with both my airline and union, and recently began serving on the advisory board for the Aviation Department at Westminster College.
d_silhouette Jim MacKnight, Advisory Council.
I’ve been in love with flying all of my life. Started flying in 1979, getting my private in January 1980 and instrument rating in 1981.I was one of the founding members of South County Airport Pilots Association (SCAPA), a chapter of CALPILOTS. I previously served on the SCAPA Board of Directors since 2002, past president for 3-1/2 years and presently serving on the Board of Directors. I have over 2,500 hours flying single engine aircraft. Presently own both a 1977 Bonanza V35B and a 2000 Lancair 320. I actively participate with the California BeechBoys, a group of pilots dedicated to the formation arts, flying Missing Man formations and formation tributes around Northern California.

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