EAA Asks for Comment On ‘51% Rule’ Proposal by 30 September

EAA – the homebuilder community needs your help! The FAA has proposed changes to the Experimental Amateur Built rules that EAA believes will negatively impact the homebuilt movement.

We are urging all EAA members to do two things:

1. Comment on the FAA’s proposed changes;

2. Spread the word – tell other builders and get them to comment.

The FAA’s stated goal was to better control commercial activities that reduce the amateur builder’s actual involvement in the project to less than the “major portion” (51%) required by the regulation (Ref: FAR 21.191(g) ).

EAA is concerned that the proposed changes place significant burden on our members who are building within the letter and spirit of the regulations while doing little to address excessive commercial assistance and “pro building”.

Time is of the essence! Comments must be submitted by 30 September.

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