Elk Grove Airport Closure User Thoughts

Thanks for the article you wrote in the Airport Advocate on Elk Grove Airport (Skyranch). I received it in the mail today and read the entire newsletter. Reading the Elk Grove Airport article made me feel a little like reading my own obituary. I guess that speaks of how important the Airport was in my life. I spent 27 years flying out of Skyranch. It is the type of airport that will never be replaced. We did a lot of things right as an Association to save our airport, the only problem was that we started too late.

Please continue to get the message out. All pilots and aviation advocates must be proactive; they cannot sit back and just mind their own business. I scanned the article to a PDF file and e-mailed out to our Association to read.

What bothered me most about our demise was the lack of ethics used in the tactics of the politicians and developers.

Editor?s Note: I asked John for some “Words of Wisdon” to pass along to others regarding their airports. This is what he sent:

It is important to be active and stay diligent in an Airport Association because developers are eyeing your airport property and/or surrounding property whether you know it or not. Developers are experts in working with local politicians and attorneys to get what they want. Sometimes, they work with landowners in the vicinity of the airport. Their motivation is no secret.

If you look at all the ongoing airport closures, general aviation airports are a dying breed. You must be proactive to give your airport a chance of staying alive.

Here are a few things to do to help, no guarantees:

1. Form an Airport Association, elect a board, and have regular meetings

2. Join CALPILOTS ? a great resource to guide you in protecting your airport

3. Join AOPA ? another great resource. Have an AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer represent your airport

4. Have a public airport open house at least once a year. Take the public for airplane rides. The ?Young Eagles? program is great for children. Nurture an interest in aviation. We did it, and it was awesome.

5. As an Airport Association, get to know your local politicians, and keep in contact. Show them your love of aviation and why your airport is good for the community. Don?t wait until there is a problem.

John Hockenbury

Editor’s Note: Well said, thanks for sharing John…….Ed

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