FAA – Miscommunications are a Major Cause of Runway Incursions

Runway Incursion PD statistics FY2007 versus equivalent period FY2006

FY07 (thru 6/7) FY06 (thru 6/7)
Southern Region 39 Southern Region 25
All Other Regions 100 All Other Regions 92

Below is a regional survey breakdown of the 39 runway incursion errors caused by pilots in the region: 12 – Entered runway or crossed runway hold bars without ATC clearance*

11 – Issued and read back hold short instructions, then entered runway

4 – Landed without ATC clearance

10 – Departed without ATC clearance*

2 – Departed from wrong runway

* A single aircraft is responsible for multiple (2) RIs

Miscommunications are a major cause of runway incursions. Please take a look at the next five pages, located on the link below, which features information regarding communications with Air Traffic Control.


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