FAAST – Hazardous Materials Brochure

The Security and Hazardous Materials Division of the FAA has a new brochure that reminds applicants of certain questions when completing applications for Part 61 (Pilots), Part 65 (Mechanics), and Part 67 (Medical Certificates). Read the questions carefully concerning drug convictions and any other felony convictions and answer appropriately. Instructors, because of their unique position as mentors, are especially reminded to review with applicants the questions on the application. The brochure contains an extract of pertinent questions pertaining to the regulations.

The new brochure can be viewed at the link shown below. You can cut and paste this link into your Internet browser if clicking on it does not work.


See the brochure for points of contact for your state. Questions and comments can be directed to the LEAP Coordinator, Joseph Garcia, 202-493-5402.

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