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Ed Rosiak- President, California Pilots Association

Review CALPILOTS letter below. -Sent to entire Assembly- June 1, 2006-

The California Pilots Association (CALPILOTS) is a statewide, non-profit, volunteer pilot/aviation advocate organization. Our goal, since 1949, has been to promote and protect one of California?s most important transportation infrastructure assets, its airports. Our organization and its membership stand committed to this goal.


We are writing to express our association?s concerns regarding SB2501. We believe that this bill is a thinly veiled attempt to close the Santa Monica Airport, and subsequently represents politics at their worst.

For years, Los Angeles County has ignored the California Department of Transportation document, The Airport Land Use Handbook (, which if you were not aware, is a guide for development around airports. Now, after the fact, Assembly Member Lieu has decided to portray the airport as villainous, when clearly it is the city planners and elected city officials who failed their constituents by ignoring the Caltrans airport planning document; and thereby caused the current issue at Santa Monica.


For the following reasons, we stand with the Aircraft Pilots and Owners Association, who oppose this ill conceived bill.


1. The state should not endorse this attempt to restrict operations at an airport which provides key to access to Southern California.

2. Imposing the requirements by state law sets a bad precedent for potential new restrictions on airports other than Santa Monica. Our General Aviation Airports bring millions in business into local economies.

3. This is a non-funded data collection and recording state mandate, which would deplete important and limited financial resources intended for airport safety and operational purposes.

4. The study requirements of AB 2501 are not needed. In October 2005 the L.A. Toxics Epidemiology Program released a health assessment of the communities around Santa Monica Airport, concluding that there is no evidence “of elevated rates of mortality related to impaired lung function or heart disease-elevated rate of low-birth-weight births-[or] statistically elevated rates for any type of reported birth defect.”

5. The study is redundant. Seven (7) health and air quality studies involving Santa Monica Airport have been or are currently being conducted. These continuous studies are part of a larger effort to restrict aviation activities at Santa Monica. How much of the taxpayers money must be wasted?

6. This bill is clearly prejudiced against aircraft operations. Let?s remind ourselves that there are at the most, hundreds of aircraft in this area, versus hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, SUV, trucks and buses.


We ask that you vote against this piece of legislation and stop the waste of the state?s limited resources already expended.






Ed Rosiak- President, California Pilots Association



Cc: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Assembly Member Lieu, Author AB2501
Mary Frederick- Acting Chief of Aeronautics

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