From NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System

The “Dirty Dozen” in ASRS Maintenance Reporting In 1993, following several publicized maintenance-related aviation incidents and accidents, Transport Canada developed programs which would serve to reduce maintenance error. In close collaboration with the aviation industry, Transport Canada subsequently identified 12 human factors – called the “dirty dozen” – that may lead to maintenance errors. Since then, maintenance technicians at many major air carriers have routinely received training to recognize the “dirty dozen” factors and prevent their occurrence.

This month we take a look at how the “dirty dozen” human factors play a role in maintenance incidents reported to the ASRS. The “dirty dozen” factors are:
• Lack of Communication
• Complacency
• Lack of Knowledge
• Distraction
• Lack of Teamwork
• Fatigue • Lack of Resources
• Pressure
• Lack of Assertiveness
• Stress
• Lack of Awareness
• Norms ______________________________________________________________

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