Have A Current Airport Diagram and Use It!

From FAA safety.gov

Line Safety Audits completed by the airlines revealed 23% of errors and 38% of the threats occur before ever leaving the ground. A crucial part of the flight process is pre-flight planning. Accident analysis reveals that preflight planning is often inadequate or entirely ignored. An important part of this flight process is the obtainment of information for your departure, arrival, AND alternate airports. This should include utilizing a current Airport Facility Directory, obtaining current NOTAMs, AND having a current Airport Diagram. Airports Diagrams are readily available at ww.naco.faa.gov . It is not only important to have a current airport diagram, but to also USE THEM. You should review the airport diagram before taxi while stationary; and then after receiving your taxi clearance, review the diagram again to ensure that you are familiar with the taxi route and any hold short instructions. If there ever is a question STOP and ASK! See this link for more information.

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