Help For Those Affected by San Diego Fires

Mike Dolbow, CEO of Green Planet Solutions Inc.
Green Planet Solutions Inc., is a new state licensed E-waste company in Oceanside CA. We will be releasing our emergency program to help families in need to replace general items that have been lost in the San Diego region fires. I have included the information from our main page of our web site below. Our web page can be located at: We are writing you to ask for help in getting the word out to the community so we can start with the recovery efforts quickly.

Like the saying ?One mans trash is another mans treasure? well in this case it is so true. These unwanted items can be used to help get these families back into a normal life again once they are placed back into homes.

This service is free of charge!

Please contact me at: 760-639-0672

Thank so much for your time into this matter.

Mike Dolbow
CEO / Green Planet Solutions Inc.

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