House Resolution 3708

After almost two years of FAA inaction on the proposed AOPA-EAA third-class medical petition Congress has created legislation that would eliminate the time consuming and costly process for third-class medical certification.


On December 11, 2013, House General Aviation Caucus member Representative Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), and GA Caucus Co-Chair Sam Graves (R-Mo.) introduced the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act.

The legislation, House Resolution 3708, would offer pilots an option of obtaining a 3rd class FAA medical or instead become educated on medical self-assessment and operate familiar aircraft recreationally using the driver’s license as the baseline of health. Allowing noncommercial VFR flights in aircraft weighing up to 6,000 pounds, carrying up to five passengers, at altitudes below 14,000 feet MSL, up to 250 knots.

While there is no known data indicating any issue, the act also would require the FAA to report on the safety consequences of the new rule after five years.

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The California Pilots Association encourages pilots as well as those who support aviation to support this bill, and to write their Congresspersons to express that support.

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