Joyriding Teens Crash Aircraft Into Joshua Tree National Park

Two 14-year-old boys in California appear to be the latest additions to the growing horde of teenagers who think it’s really cool to steal an airplane. The boys were in jail Monday after stealing a Mooney M20 from Big Bear City Airport (L35) and taking it for a joyride over Joshua Tree National Park Sunday night. The ride ended as a real bummer, however, after the teens crashed the aircraft in one of the park’s valleys. Fortunately, it was an area of the park not covered by sharp, rocky terrain — and the two walked away with only minor injuries.

“The area where it landed was at the bottom of the valley where there’s sandy soil,” Joe Zarki with Joshua Tree National Park told Palm Springs television station KESQ. “So, when the plane hit it, it skidded. There was damage to the propeller and landing gear, of course. It was lucky it landed in a fairly sandy area, as opposed to some of the more rocky terrain we have here.”

The aircraft was not completely destroyed, Zarki added. The two boys are now in a Riverside County jail, awaiting charges.

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