LASP – Who Pays for This? – Feb 27th Deadline for Feedback!

AOPA has made it easy for anyone to provide feedback on TSA’s ridiculous new regulation proposal on GA. Go to and do it now.
The LASP proposal identifies approximately 320 airports that would need to adopt a “Partial” airport security program. The TSA has identified these airports as either a DOT defined reliever airport or one that regularly serves scheduled or public charter operations in large aircraft.

Guess who pays for this???

The “Partial” airport security program would require:

  • Designation of an airport security coordinator
  • Training program for law enforcement personnel
  • Description of law enforcement support
  • System for maintaining records
  • Procedures for dealing with Sensitive Security Information (SSI)
  • Procedures for posting public advisories
  • Incident management procedures

As you can see, this could be quite burdensome and costly for the airport administration and could affect you as a tenant and/or user of the airport. We should also encourage airport managers and the staff to comment against this proposed rule.

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