Livermore Airport’s Few Fanatical Neighbors Cause Issues for Majority

There is a persistent injustice going on in the Bay Area that is affecting the Livermore Airport (in existence since 1926), in a negative manner. I’ve attended several airport planning meetings and found that most protests of the Livermore Airport are brought by residents who bought homes near the airport, with written disclosure. Despite this fact, some complain loudly and intolerably about aircraft noise. Over 90% of the Livermore Airport complaints are generated from two households around the airport. There have also been other antics applied to curtail airport operations. This minority of anti-airports types are recruiting turnout to the council meetings with signs and jeers. Their emotional cries of noise, and ignorance of airport and safe flight operations is somehow heard by the city council, over the logic of airport generated commerce, business development, and strategic disaster or emergency flights where minutes count.

As a result, hangar tenants at Livermore Airport are now faced with a two year 5% rent increase to provide funding to pay for sophisticated noise monitoring systems, including an optical identification system. The complaint mechanism is being implemented and paid for by the users of Livermore Airport as a result of a very small number of people, not a majority.

One night at approximately 10:00PM, I flew with a friend in his 172 into Livermore on a practice instrument approach. About two days later he received a letter chastising him for this legal action. Clearly the anti-airport group agenda is to push to limit the usefulness of the airport. The strategy is not a new one. The first step is to push for a complaint mechanism, then on to punitive measures for legal aircraft operations! There are more minutes in a day filled with loud motor vehicle noise, and sirens, then airplane noise.

The tactic is being used to limit the usefulness of this valuable asset, and economic engine for the Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville Walnut Creek, communities.

It is time for the city council to recognize that the few fanatical neighbors generating the majority of the complaints do not represent the community. It is time to address the issue of the benefit of the majority over the appeasement of a few fanatical airport neighbors, whether it is politically correct or not.

Craig Sjoberg

Editor’s Note: For more information, visit the Coalition For Livermore Airport web site which does an excellent job in explaining the situation.

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