Los Angeles TAC Chart Changes

Check your flight cases, make sure you have the new most current Los Angeles TAC chart. The 54th edition of the Los Angeles TAC was released December 21, 2006. There are many changes to Edition 54: Chart Legend: Regarding Airport Data, ?Airport of entry? was expanded to read ?AOE n? notation on the 405? MSL obstruction was omitted. Sources say, however, that no tower or other obstruction can be found. The symbol for the road east of the intersection of the 210 and 15 freeways have been upgraded from a single line to double line to denote completion of another portion of the 210 freeway. Other changes include the following, which were submitted in October by the Airspace Users Working Group (AUWG):


  1. Palos Verdes Alert Area has been changed from ?Intensive Flight Training? back to ?Intensive Flight and Aerobatics Training,?, affecting both the nav and flyways sides of the chart
  2. The VFR Waypoint flag symbol and the text at the Mulholland/405 intersection in the Sepulveda Pass has been replaced by the four-point star VFR Waypoint symbol. The 5-character VFR Waypoint unpronounceable name, VPLSM, remains. Change affects both the nav and flyways sides of the chart.
  3. The Sepulveda Pass has been given a more visible visual checkpoint at the Getty Center on both the nav and flyways sides of the chart.
  4. The Santa Clarita visual checkpoint has been deleted on both the nav and flyways sides of the chart, as it had become obsolete by the encroaching development in the area.
  5. The Los Angeles VFR Waypoint panel shows a blank in lieu of the Visual Checkpoint name, ?Mulholland/405 Freeway,? leaving the VFR Waypoint information.


Add VFR Waypoint Symbol to VFR Checkpoint portion of legend The committee requested that the VFR Waypoint and VFR Checkpoint symbols be co-located for simplicity. Currently the Legend panel contains the symbols for VFR Waypoints, while the panel with the Los Angeles VFR Waypoint table has the symbol and explanation for Visual Checkpoints. Our request was denied: ? These will not be co-located due to Interagency Cartographic Committee requirements and specifications about what goes on a legend.?
* Change Palos Verdes Alert Area From ?Intensive Flight Training? to ?Intensive Flight and Aerobatics Training.? Done
* Remove Mullholland/405 VFR Waypoint and Add Getty Center Waypoint Mullholland/405 VFR Waypoint/Visual Checkpoint changed to a stand-alone VFR Waypoint. Getty Center Visual Checkpoint was added. As explained by Francie Hope: ?Mulholland & 405 Freeway VFR checkpoint and flag will be removed. The chart change deadline has passed to remove the waypoint VPLSM. Removing a waypoint requires a process through the Flight Procedures Office (FPO), which I will do to remove the VPLSM waypoint. Then a stand alone VFR Waypoint symbol will appear. A Getty Center VFR checkpoint and flag will be added. I will establish a Getty Center VFR waypoint (VPGTY) through the FPO for a later chart. When established, the VFR checkpoint will be removed and a stand alone VFR Waypoint symbol will appear.?
* Remove Santa Clarita VFR Checkpoint Done
Remove Mullholland/405 VFR Waypoint and add Getty Center Waypoint on the Waypoint table Mulholland/405 Freeway reamins on the Waypoint table as a stand-alone Waypoint. Getty Center is not yet established as a Waypoint for LA TAC chart purposes (currently on the LA Helicopter chart as a Waypoint).
Add Notice of Changes for current edition Denied. As explained: ?[T]here are a couple of good reasons that this will not likely be pursued. Cartographic Standards at NACO is responsible for the many changes made to Terminal Area Charts, Sectionals, and Airport/Facility Directories, countrywide in addition to their other duties; changes requested on a daily basis that keep them very busy. There are 7 Airport/Facility Directories for all the changes that occur within our 50 states; 30 Terminal Area Charts; and 37 sectionals, and other charts they update. This would increase their workload tremendously and, I would think, require that all TACs provide this list of changes if one is done for the Los Angeles TAC, and maybe sectionals as well. [?] something that may happen is that one may take the information from a revision list on an updated chart and make notations on their old chart for the area they fly, and continue to use their old chart. What if there was a change on the chart that didn’t make the listed changes, and so they did not annotate that change on their chart? This would offer an opportunity for error in requiring Cartographic Standards to check a “list” of changes against the actual chart changes they make on all these charts. It sounds like a good idea to provide such a list to chart users, but based on the above scenarios, it would be very labor intensive and, therefore, seems an unlikely candidate for the TAC chart.?
Suggestions, errors and omissions to the LA TAC chart via faa.naco.gov website be emailed to Jack Kenton, vpr4@calpilots.net. No response
Update yellow congested area depiction on chart; or, in lieu, provide group on information on timing and methodology of the process. No response

* Corresponding change on Flyways Side of chart

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