Moffett Field Dirigibles Hangar One Status

Your help is urgently needed to preserve Hangar One, a San Francisco Bay area landmark and titan of our nation?s aviation history. On July 30, the U.S. Navy Base Realignment and Closure Commission released its recommendation for removing hazardous materials from Hangar One. As preservationists feared, the Navy has chosen to remove the exterior sheathing of the hangar, coat the underlying skeleton, and leave the massive building a shell. Concerns over the Navy?s proposed remediation plans for the hangar, including their original intention to demolish the building, led the National Trust for Historic Preservation to list Hangar One as one of America?s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in 2008. Built in 1932 to house U.S. Navy dirigibles, Hangar One is one of the largest remaining purpose-built hangars in the nation and a well-recognized landmark in Silicon Valley. Notable for its colossal Streamline Modern form, Hangar One is also recognized as a pioneering site in Silicon Valley?s history of contributions to aviation, space travel, and technology research and development.

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