Mustang Airport – Waiting for SAC County Approval

Saturday, October 14, 2006
Southeast county airport OK’d by planning council
The Sacramento (CA) Bee

HERALD — The Southeast Area Community Planning Advisory Council has approved a proposal for a public-use airport in the southeastern part of Sacramento County. Thursday night’s vote was 4-0 in favor of granting Richard Bjelland’s request for a use permit to convert Mustang Airport from private to public use.

he 160-acre airport, which began operating in 1990, is on Arno Road, just south of Elk Grove. The use permit, first filed in 1997, calls for Mustang to be developed in two phases.


At completion, the airport would have 20 takeoffs a day and 100 hangars to accommodate 125 planes.

The council’s recommendation will now go to the Sacramento County Project Planning Commission.

For more information, read the Environmental Impact Report.

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