New Interesting TFR Check Site Online

Remember four years ago when temporary flight restrictions were the next big threat to GA? Granted, it was a little harder to avoid them when they kept popping up unexpectedly and descriptions were sometimes only available in text form. Well, TFRs are a fact of life, but fortunately the flying fraternity is nothing if not innovative and TFR Check, the latest tool to keep those Blackhawk helicopters off your wing, has been rolled out by Adventure Pilots, which is a nifty site dedicated to getting you out of the pattern and off to other destinations. With updates every five minutes from Jeppesen’s database, the TFR Checker offers a great last-minute look at what might be on your flight path, and as long as you know where you’re going you can use it. To see if there’s anything to avoid, simply type in the airport identifiers on your route and the site flags potential conflicts and offers you graphic depictions of each TFR. The U.S. map shows all restricted airspace at a glance and you can zoom in on a particular area to get more detail. Worth bookmarking if you plan to travel outside your comfort zone — but do yourself and all of GA a big favor and get an official briefing too.

Source: AvWeb

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