NORCAL Pilots Help Sought in Next Gen Planning

Northern California pilots’ help sought in NextGen planning

AOPA is asking pilots operating in airspace around San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., to help shape the introduction of enhanced procedures in their area by sharing their experience during an FAA airspace-optimization review.

The FAA, responding to industry recommendations urging a structured and systematic approach to introducing performance-based navigation as a key building block of NextGen, has launched optimization of airspace and procedures in key metropolitan areas. It recently kicked off an optimization review of Northern California airspace.

“The FAA will review airspace and procedure optimization in metroplexes, the large geographic areas covering many airports, serving major metropolitan areas and a diversity of aviation stakeholders. It will consider factors including safety, efficiency, capacity, access, and environmental considerations,” said Heidi Williams, AOPA senior director of airspace and modernization.

AOPA is participating in the FAA review of the San Francisco-Oakland Metroplex area, to share input on how general aviation operations could be enhanced. AOPA seeks the input of local pilots who fly in Northern California airspace, or transit the area during their flight operations.

Do you experience routine delays arriving, departing or transiting the airspace? Would RNAV departures or approaches into your airport be beneficial, or are there service enhancements that would lead to safer, more efficient operations around the airspace area? Are the existing T-routes available to you when you file for them? Are you routinely routed around the Class B airspace?

Please e-mail AOPA your suggestions for improving the airspace and service around the area.

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