Oceano Airport – Next Meeting April 21st – Be There

Los Osos Developer Jeff Edwards is still at it. The second in the series of six “informational” meetings with the intent to bulldoze the airport for development (and private development profit). Come and make your voice heard! We had great media for the event on March 17th, and were featured on KSBY and the Tribune. We need to send a resounding “no” to closing our beautiful Oceano Airport. Please Attend: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, at 4:00pm at the Filipino Community Centerr located at 885 South 13th Street, Grover Beach. The one-hour presentation will be followed by questions and answers. The room holds 200. Let’s get 200 people there! Bring your friends, teachers, neighbors, nonflying spouses, anyone you can to stop the potential closure of our airport.

We will gather between 3:00 and 4:00 for our tailgate party. Please bring your signs, and banners. As well, bring your grills, snacks, beverages and goodies to share. We will all try to get into the one hour meeting, and then we can continue to socialize and mingle afterward. Bring your friends, neighbors, non-flying spouses, anyone you can to stop the potential closure of our airport (Editor’s Note: Edwards refused to allow more than 6 pilots to enter the previous meeting, so much for its “informational nature”).

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