Open Letter Opposing AB2501

May 20, 2006
Dear Assemblyman Mullin:


I am writing to ask that you oppose AB 2501(Lieu). If passed into law it would be a major detriment to the public with very little benefit. It purports to be an environment enhancement measure. However, the environmental impact by aircraft using small and medium-sized airports is miniscule as compared to that of the many vehicles using freeways, highways and streets. This has been the subject of repeated studies. There is no need for another study. As proposed, the bill would burden the state’s air transportation system by restricting the use of small aircraft that are increasingly being used for business purposes. Most of the small and medium sized airports are part of the California Airport System Plan and a major transportation mode. Many, such as the Santa Monica Airport, Hawthorne Airport, San Carlos Airport and Palo Alto Airport are reliever airports for airline airports such as Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport. Business aircraft that use these smaller airports enhance air safety and decrease airline delays by decreasing aerial congestion at the large airline airports.


Jay C. White
San Carlos, CA 94070


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