Open Letter to Oceanside Mayor and City Council

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Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 11:20 PM

Subject: Please preserve and maintain Oceanside Airport, and keep it OPEN !

Dear Mayor Wood, Deputy Mayor Ester Sanchez, Council Member Rocky Sanchez, Council Member Jack Feller, and Council Member Shari Mackin;

I urge you to please work together to keep Oceanside Airport open; to preserve and maintain the irreplaceable transportation infrastructure that it represents, and which has already been paid for with our taxpayer dollars.

Federal and State funds have been made available specifically to help improve and maintain the airport and keep it operating in the black for the city (revenue positive), assuming the city allows the available funding to be used as intended by the State and Federal governments. What some people perceive as ‘(just) their local airport’ is in reality part of a much larger NATIONAL transportation infrastructure that many people outside the local community rely upon for transportation, safety, essential & emergency services, business, etc. This fact may not be readily apparent or fully appreciated by the lay public, or even local officials.

However the role and importance of smaller ‘local’ airports is the key reason that State and Federal funds are made available to local communities to maintain the smaller ‘local’ airports; those airports are part of a LARGER State and NATIONWIDE system that is intended to be kept intact and maintained!

Nationally there are only about 500 or so airports providing large Commercial flights. However there are over 5,000 smaller airports like Oceanside around the nation. This represents a huge national investment in air transportation infrastructure. Each small airport has a direct & profound impact on the overall utility of the entire national air transportation system. Your decisions regarding the Oceanside Airport have an impact far beyond your own city.

Consider that for those who choose to utilize the national air transportation system; closing down the Oceanside airport is comparable to closing down the only road into or out of town. Who would consider closing down existing roads due to complaints of noise by those who purchased homes adjacent to an existing road or highway?? Who would consider closing down a port or harbor due to a relatively small number of complaints?

I am not aware of any attempt to relocate, replace, or offer an alternative to Oceanside Airport however; please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken on that point.

The airports of Oceanside and Carlsbad serve two VERY different markets. I fly into Oceanside Airport, and rely upon it as a (better) alternative to the Carlsbad airport which is extremely busy with large, heavy, & fast jet traffic and tends to be small plane unfriendly. Oceanside is small plane friendly and has no heavy, fast & noisy jet traffic to contend with (wake turbulence is a serious safety issue). Taken to its logical extreme; imagine small planes mixing with the heavy commercial jets at LAX. That can be done however it’s not the best or safest of situations for the very different user groups when other alternate reliever airports such as Oceanside Airport exist. The same basic fact is true of the relationship between Oceanside and Carlsbad Airports. The Oceanside airport clearly serves a different community and group of users.

I am a native Californian and educated professional who currently resides and works in South Orange County. I also own a personal aircraft based at Chino Airport. My airplane is an antique that I use for transportation around CA, AZ, NV, OR, & WA, and also frequently put on public display for educational purposes at local Airport Open Houses and Fly-Ins. I have been flying for nearly 20 years and hope to fly another 35 years.

I am considering Oceanside as a good place to move to & live in the future however; if Oceanside Airport is closed I would extremely unlikely to consider it as potential future residence.

I’m sure some would suggest that perhaps the local pilots are ‘selfish’; however the truth is that it the land developers and those who purchased property (probably at a substantial discount) adjacent to an active airport and then complain about the noise to try and shut the airport down, who are the ones that are being most selfish.

Also please keep in mind that like most small airports, the Oceanside Airport is usable for Air Ambulance, evacuation, Law Enforcement, and a range or emergency & relief services that may be unavailable by other means in a crisis.

Do NOT allow a valuable and irreplaceable piece of national transportation infrastructure to be crippled or destroyed; either due to noise complaints from a relative few local individuals who knowingly purchased property near a general aviation airport that has been in operation for decades, or due to land developers who would destroy the airport for their own profit.

Homes and Strip Malls can be built in many places, however airports are unique & virtually irreplaceable, rare compared to the competing land uses, and deserving of appreciation and protection for the unique services and opportunities that they alone provide to the local community, the region, the state, and the nation.

I urge you to act responsibly and provide your support for the Oceanside Airport, the National Transportation infrastructure it is part of, and the unique and valuable services and opportunities it can provide.

Thank you in advance for your time and support for Oceanside Airport and our National Air Transportation System.

Very sincerely,
Dan Hall
Aliso Viejo, CA

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