Open letter to San Joaquin Board of Supervisors

Open leter to San Joaquin Board of Supervisors from San Joaquin County Aviation Advisory Committee

San Joaquin County Aviation Advisory Committee
Rick Tutt, Chairman
Walter Reiss, Vice Chairman

November 25, 2009

Mr. Leroy Ornellas


San Joaquin Board of Supervisors

44 N. San Joaquin Street
Sixth Floor, Suite 627
Stockton, CA 95202

Subject: Amendment to the Ordinance Code of San Joaquin County Title 11 Division 2 Aviation Advisory Committee Chapter 1 General Provisions Governing the Aviation Advisory Committee.

Announcement of seeking applications for 7 new Members.

The CAAC met on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at the Stockton Airport.  All 7 duly appointed members were present.

The CAAC reviewed the properly posted Agenda Item: “Announcement of application to the CAAC (November 24, 2009)”.

The CAAC found that the important qualification of residency of the candidates was omitted from the new 2009 Ordinance.

The following Motion was made, seconded, discussed and accepted unanimously by the CAAC.


  1. The CAAC humbly requests the SJBOS suspend the new Ordinance until it is re-written to include residency and/or business investment of the candidates in San Joaquin County.


  1. Suspend the seeking, interviewing and selection of new candidates until the revised Ordinance is posted and the status of the current members of the CAAC is clarified.


The representatives of the CAAC are willing to meet with SJBOS at the Board’s convenience to discuss this matter.



Susan Palmeri
Airport Director
Stockton Metro Airport
Stockton Metropolitan Airport – 5000 South Airport Way, Suite #202 – Stockton, CA 95206-3996

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