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March/April 2002 Member Profiles

CPA Member Profiles

Angela Farnham PIREP webmaster, PP-ASEL

She made a CPA dream become a reality, and it now reaches across the Internet in an on-going effort to educate pilots about the Anti-aviation presence on the Internet.

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March/April 2002 Trees Rarely Make Good Runways


In the Jan/Feb 2002 California Pilot, the issue of trees penetrating the 20:1 approach surface at multiple airports cost Siskiyou County the suspension of Caltrans funding to five of its airports. It also cost Dunsmuir Mott and Blue Canyon airports the suspension of their operating permits.

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March/April 2002 AeroTales

“All This And High School Too…””

Mark Nahan is a flying machine. He’s an 18 year-old senior at Oak Park High School, in Oak Park, California, and he recently nailed his Instrument check ride. He bulls-eyed his Private rating on his 18th birthday, which pretty much serves to blow the candles out and off of any cake. You need to know about this guy…

Pre-2008 Archived Articles

Janurary/February 2002 Pilots Briefing

Pilot Briefing

Dunsmuir Mott Tree Heights Impact Siskiyou County Airports

Caltrans has suspended flight permit operations to Dunsmuir Muni Mott, and airport funds to five Siskiyou County-run airports have been suspended due to safety concerns over County height ordinance enforcement and wording.