Please Vote No on AB 700

No on AB 700. Sent to Assemblyman Ruskin and Assemblywoman Lieber. June 4, 2007


Sent to:
Honorable Ira Ruskin
Honorable Sally Lieber


State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 94249-0021


AB 700


Assemblymen Ruskin and Assemblywomen Lieber,


I am writing this on behalf of the California Pilots Association?s membership. We are very concerned that if AB 700 becomes law it will create long term harm to our state?s airports. Here are a few important points:

  • The state should not allow this BACK-DOOR ATTEMPT TO RESTRICT OPERATIONS at an important airport key to aviation to southern California.
  • Imposing the requirements by state law at Santa Monica is inconsistent with Federal law. The FAA?s Western Region Administrator advises that several Federal statutes PROHIBIT STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS from regulating aircraft operations or the airspace in which they operate.
  • This is another expensive, unnecessary study being forced on the California Air Resources Board while another local study is still underway. SEVEN health and air quality studies involving Santa Monica Airport HAVE BEEN or are CURRENTLY BEING CONDUCTED.
  • There is no budget, nor any plan on how to accomplish monitoring aircraft taxi times. Our airports are already operating without adequate budgets.

We urge you to vote no against this ill-conceived and politically motivated bill which is nothing more then a thinly veiled political attempt to close the Santa Monica Airport.

The California Pilots Association is a statewide non-profit entirely volunteer organization. Our mission is to promote and protect this part of the state?s very important transportation infrastructure, its airports. We invite you to visit out web site at for more information on us.

Thank you for your time and support.

Ed Rosiak

President- California Pilots Association

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