Redlands Airspace About to Become More Complex?

The FAA today issued an NPRM on the establishment of Class-D airspace for San Bernardino. The proposal is for a radius of 4.5 nautical miles with a ceiling of 2700 feet MSL. The proposal includes airspace 1 mile around but excludes Redlands Airport. Comments are invited; the cutoff is 14 April. Comments can be submitted via the Web. Go to Under the blue tab COMMENT OR SUBMISSION, type the following docket number into the search field: FAA-2008-0211. Click “Go.” For some reason, this search brings up two documents. Identify the item that’s titled “Proposed Establishment of Class D Airspace; San Bernardino International Airport.” Beneath this title there’s a button (blue type) “Send a Comment or Submission.” Click on this. The rest of the process is essentially self-explanatory.

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