Respond to Every FAA User Fee Editorial

It is important to respond to any newspaper editorial regarding the FAA’s push to change the user fee system to the airlines backed bill. The Mercury News in the San Jose area ran just such an editorial written by Blakley herself. Letters to the editor are limited to only 125 words (even though Blakley’s editorial far surpassed that). Here is the response sent to the newspaper using their limitation of 125 words. Mercury News Letters to the Editor

Aviation Funding the Whole Story

It is telling that FAA Head Marion Blakley has to take her case for a change in aviation infrastructure funding to the public, as seen by her Editorial in the MN. Congress is not buying the proposal because the current funding system works, with the Government Accountability Office verifying that the current method will provide adequate funds.

Air travel will continue to be a problem as long as the airlines all want to land and takeoff at the same busy commute times at the country?s major airports without increasing airports and runways. Congress must continue its FAA oversight and the current funding system to insure that our country?s ATC system remains the best in the world.

Ed Rosiak
President ? California Pilots Association

Editor’s Note The Mercury News did in fact publish this letter as well as a few more opposing the bureaucratic mess the FAA has proposed to inflict user fees to GA. You can make a difference.

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