San Diego- Downtown San Diego Partnership Won’t Support Miramar Ballot

Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Downtown business group won’t support Miramar airport plan
The San Diego (CA) Union-Tribune

SAN DIEGO – The Downtown San Diego Partnership will not support the Nov. 7 ballot measure on a civilian airport at Miramar Air Station. The business organization’s board of directors said Wednesday it prefers “the continued, long-term operation of Lindbergh Field, believing that air transportation in close proximity to downtown is critical to the City’s long-term economic vitality.” The organization framed its position as one of neutrality, not opposition, to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s measure. The authority is asking voters whether it should attempt to begin a dialogue with the military on possible future use of the Marine Corps installation.

The organization’s announcement said it ultimately “might possibly support the addition of a new airport to our regional transportation system,” but made its decision because the airport authority’s measure was “silent regarding the continued long-term operation of Lindbergh Field.”

The partnership is a privately funded non-profit business organization that works to improve Downtown San Diego.

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