San Joaquin County Supervisors Vote Down Landfill Expansion

stockton landfill

stockton landfillCalifornia Pilots Association Director Andy Wilson presented the California Pilots Association position regarding the Stockton refuse expansion before the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors On Tues Sept 24, 2013.

The landfill is located directly under the glide path approximately one mile from the end of the Stockton Airport’s runway 29.

The California Pilots Association also testified before the ALUC that the landfill was inconsistent with the operation of the Stockton Airport

The California Pilots Association then testified before the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors recommended that they not approve the FEIR and also recommend they not overrule the ALUC’s determination.


The San Joaquin County Supervisors:

  • Approved Landfill FEIR (final environmental impact report) even though County Staff said it was flawed but the CEQA allows some errors and inaccuracies due the complexities of the laws and regulations.
  • Did not overrule the San Joaquin County ALUC (Airport Land Use Commission) determination that the landfill was inconsistent with the Stockton Airport.
  • Approved the FAA AIP Grant for the Wildlife management Study at the Stockton Airport


Andy Wilson – Director
California Pilots Association

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