San Jose Mineta Airport Honored for Clean Air Impact

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Mineta San Jose airport honored for clean air impact
The Silicon Valley/San Jose (CA) Business Journal

Mineta San Jose International Airport said Wednesday it was selected to receive the National Natural Gas Vehicle Achievement Award in recognition of efforts that have significantly improved air quality and reduced fuel costs of its ground transportation operations. Since 2003, the airport said, it has eliminated the use of more 1.1 million gallons of diesel fuel through its conversion of its shuttle bus fleet to compressed natural gas, resulting in savings of over $2.6 million dollars and reduction of vehicle exhaust emissions by over 70 tons annually. The airport opened its compressed natural gas station — which is also available to the general public — in August 2003. The fueling station cost $3.3 million, and the airport received $750,000 in grants from the California Energy Commission and the Valley Transportation Authority to help with the costs.

The airport also said the number of compressed natural gas taxis working there has increased from fewer than 30 in mid-2005 to 119 today, and they now account for more than 40 percent of all taxi trips from the airport compared to 6 percent in 2005.

This fall the airport will launch its Alternative Fuel Grant Program to support the conversion of more vehicles working there. The program will provide conversion grants of $4,000 per taxi and $8,000 for a door-to-door shuttle, using $154,000 from airport funds, federal excise tax credits, and a VTA clean air grant.

The National NGV Achievement Award is sponsored the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation and the NGVAmerica.

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