San Jose’s Reid Hillview Safety Zone Upheld

In an effort to defeat a potential override, by the San Jose City Council, of the ALUC’s opposition to rezoning a six acre parcel at the south end of the airport, a dedicated group of Reid-Hillview Airport pilots, members of the Santa Clara County Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) and aviation advocates waited for over five hours to state their case in front of the council yesterday afternoon. Several council members were obviously moved and concerned about the safety issues raised by the group that highlighted the dangers of potentially replacing the currently open field (owned by the Eastridge Shopping Center) with a car dealership. What seemed like an insurmountable effort to overcome the developer’s efforts and local neighbors clamoring for more retail (and the resulting tax revenue) in the area around Reid-Hillview, turned into a significant victory when 7 of 11 council members (three more than was needed to defeat the override) voted to uphold the safety zone and keep the area clear for emergency off-airport landings. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.


Carl Honaker Director
Santa Clara County Airports

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