Santa Monica Maneuvers (Again) To Keep Jet Ban

Santa Monica city officials have appealed an FAA decision which overturned a city ordinance banning jet traffic at Santa Monica City Airport. The Santa Moncia Daily Press reports that the city council had cited safety concerns when they put the jet ban in place. The said it was to protect residents who have homes some 300 feet from the end of the runway, and that there were inadequate safety measures in place at the airport.
Editor’s Note: Santa Monica and the surrounding municipalities are the ones responsible for the safety issues they created allowing the airport to be completely encroached. s it has in similar cases where local governments have tried to restrict certain aviation activities at airports, the FAA ruled that the Santa Monica City ordinance was illegal. Local governments may not arbitrarily ban specific aeronautical activities that affect the operation of airports. As in the Florida case reported last week by Aero-News, the ban put the city of Santa Monica in violation of its federal obligations in regards to the airport. The agency has offered several options to the city, but it has rejected them as inadequate.

The deadline for a ruling on the appeal, which would represent the agencies’ official position on the matter, is July 8th. The city could then take the matter to a federal appellate court.

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