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Cable Airport- We Thought We Were Immune!
Herb Friedman

Cable Airport, in Upland, has been in existence since 1945, when it was founded (actually built by hand), by Dewey Cable. It has been owned and operated continually by the Cable family since then. It is known locally as the ?World?s Largest Family-Owned, Public-Use Airport? It is a very popular airport, with a restaurant, flight school, maintenance shop, paint shop, radio shop and instrument shop on the field. It is home to over 400 aircraft. Since it was privately owned by a family intensely dedicated to maintaining a high quality airport operation, it was felt to be immune to the overtures and enticements of greedy land developers.

But that has now suddenly changed. A recent notice, distributed by the current airport president, Bob Cable, jarred us out of our complacent state.

Here is that notice:

?Urgent message WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!
A current development to build 370 plus homes under our crosswind turn in the pattern is threatening the future of our airport. This project is called the Upland Crossing and is being proposed by the same group that had the power to CLOSE RIALTO AIRPORT. I have attempted to negotiate with the city on some liability issues with this project—to no avail–. Now is the time to stand up for your airport. We as pilots and lovers of aviation are losing an airport every two weeks in the USA. Since 1990 we have lost 25 in California alone?WE WILL NOT BE #26 .I have appealed the decision of the city to build this project and need your help.”

There will be an appeal process that starts at 5:30pm on Aug.7th at City Hall. I don’t know if the public will be allowed to speak at this session, but you will be allowed at the City Council meeting that follows this session at 7:00 pm. For the first time in my life I can see the end of this airport if this project is allowed to continue without a guarantee that we will not be held liable for noise or any accident that may occur in this area. We as an airport will not be able to fend off future lawsuits from the noise alone. At an asking price of $400,000 to $600,000 and above, the residents in this area will soon tire of our departure noise and pending lawsuits are almost assuredly guaranteed.

The address of City Hall is 460 North Euclid, the date is Monday, Aug.7′ and the time will be 5:30 for the appeal and 7:00pm for the City Council Meeting. Please plan to attend!!!

These are tentative, as of this writing I still have not received a letter stating times and dates. Please call the airport office for more accurate and up to date information at 909-982-6021. On behalf of the Cable Family I would like to thank you all in advance for your help in preserving YOUR airport.

Thanks, Bob Cable?

So now that reality has set in; we hear the call to mobilize. We have to raise our heads out of the sand and prepare to fight the good fight. We no longer have the luxury of thinking that our airport will be spared when many surrounding airports are vanishing. We are not immune!!

Editor’s Note While the meeting is past Cable Airport needs your support.

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