Palm Springs to Loose TRACON

The move of the PSP TRACON to Miramar scheduled for June 7, 2007. The concern our association is about ATC staffing shortages, and the reduction of TRSA services to VFR traffic in the PSP area. This includes the three regional airports, KPSP, KTRM and KUDD which the PSP TRACON services. The FAA has not explained their plan except for a September 2006 press release targeting 2007 for the move Sources say that the PSP TRSA may be converted to Class C under the remote control of the SOCAL TRACON similar to KCNO and the other airports in that area. Should this be the case then the FAA should advise preparing pilots and aircraft to fly this area. Should this not be the case and reduction of VFR Radar Services become the rule for various reasons, i.e., FAA mismanagement of staffing needs, incompatible radar equipment, IFR traffic priorities then there is the possibility of having 60,000 operations under negative TRSA adding to the aviation safety problem.

The Palm Springs area is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and makes for interesting flying – we need the TRSA services, and well trained Traffic Controllers to be increased as the air traffic increases in the area – not reduced.

Where is the FAA on this? All details, problems and solutions should be made public.

Rafael Sierra,
President – Palm Springs Pilots Association

The Palm Springs Pilots Association is a CALPILOTS Members Organization.

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