AB 700 Don’t Let Them Do It!!!!

Call to Action on California Assembly Bill AB 700! Some of our State Legislators are trying to “Sneak” this ill conceived bill through! AB 700 is set for a vote on June 8th! Read more below!!


Special Notice from AOPA President Phil Boyer June 2, 2007



TAKE ACTION NOW ? Call your member of the State Assembly ? tell them to VOTE NO ON AB700 ? that requires crippling monitoring regulations on operations at Santa Monica (SMO), one of California?s preeminent general aviation airports.

We must stop it now?If this legislation is approved, it will serve as a template for similar requirements at other California airports.

AB700 will be on the State Assembly Floor for a vote this week. Please CALL NOW and say ?VOTE NO ON AB700!!?

  • The state should not allow this BACK-DOOR ATTEMPT TO RESTRICT OPERATIONS at an important airport key to aviation to southern California.

  • Imposing the requirements by state law at Santa Monica is inconsistent with Federal law. The FAA?s Western Region Administrator advises that several Federal statutes PROHIBIT STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS from regulating aircraft operations or the airspace in which they operate.
  • This is another expensive, unnecessary study being forced on the California Air Resources Board while another local study is still underway. SEVEN health and air quality studies involving Santa Monica Airport HAVE BEEN or are CURRENTLY BEING CONDUCTED.

Please CALL your Assembly Members NOW to oppose this issue. Your assembly members may be found on: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html.

If you would like additional information, click on the following link. Santa Monica Assembly Bill 700

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