Reid Hillview (RHV) Safety Zones Being Ignored by SJ Planning Commission

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Once again the San Jose Planning Commission is trying to put dangerous commercial development in the RHV safety zones. Last time it was requiring the plantingof 40-80 foot tall trees in the Eastridge safety zones.
(Those trees are going in. Eastridge refused to allow the city to change the requirements once they had their permit.) Now the Planning Commission wants to put in RV parking and storageon Tully road right across the street from the (RHV) 31L threshhold! (And build a 3-story storagebuilding next to that!) The San Jose Planning Commission is completely out-of-touch withairport safety issues. The city planning
department rejected the developer's permit request and the developer appealed the decision to the Planning Commission. The Commission heard the appeal in May and despite public comments from CRAMP, the ALUC, and the County's Director of Airports, disregarded the planning department's request to deny the permit and directed staff to work with the FAA to find a way to approve the project. I doubt that the FAA will agree to any development in this area, but they actually have no authority to stop the development permit if the Planning Commission wantsto grant it. I asked a member of the Planning Commission what it would take to get them to take notice of the safety issue, and he said the best would be to have lots of concerned citizens there to speak against the development. So please come to the Planning Commission meeting (note the address of the new city hall near SJSU): Wednesday, September 14 at 6:00pm 200 East Santa Clara Street San Jose, CA 95110 Please bring your family members to show thecommission the facesof those the commission is putting in harm's way by disregarding anddestroying theairport safety zones! If we do not speak out publicly against irresponsible, dangerous development, we have no one except ourselves to blame if that development is approved.

John Blair Vice President Coalition for Responsible Airport Management & Policy

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