Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Accepting New Students

Gavilan College is now accepting students for Spring Semester classes in Aircraft Maintenance. Fees are only $20 per unit for California residents. All classes are held at the Hollister CA. Airport. For more information go to http://www.gavilan.edu or call (831) 637-1151. Courses offered include General Aircraft Technology, which will provide the student with a thorough understanding of the use of maintenance publications, maintenance forms and records with emphasis on A & P mechanic privileges and limitations. Basic electricity for aircraft from Ohm’s Law through transistor theory will be taught as well as ground operation and servicing of aircraft.

Also offered will be Airframe Structures, which will cover aircraft wood, fiberglass construction, fabric covering, testing and repair, aircraft inspection, painting techniques and procedures. The study of basic hydraulic systems of anti-skid systems, pneumatic, fixed landing and retractable landing gear systems will also be taught. Basic aircraft systems familiarization along with advanced laboratory projects are a part of this course.

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