Oceanside Airport Association Gets New Leader

Oceanside Airport Association President Alan Cruise passes the baton to Ben Meyers who takes over the 800 plus member organization set up to improve and protect the airport in Oceanside. Newly elected OAA President Ben Meyers (pictured on the left), an Oceanside resident and pilot, hands a special award to Cruise (on the right) citing, your commitment, leadership, passion and dedication to preserving and defending our airport has been without equal. Meyers went on to say that “Alan Cruise has led the fight to preserve the airport as the current city council majority is pushing for ‘airport closure’ which would strip our city of a multi-million dollar asset that makes our city a special place.” Additionally Meyers said that the future will see “our airport grow in its importance as a transportation link to Orange County and beyond as LSA?s (Light Sport Aircraft) and developing ‘affordable’ forms of personal air travel come on the scene and compete directly with automobiles in moving our residents to their work and play activities. Small planes are now and will be in the future even more fuel efficient, and they are quieter and safer than their auto counterparts. Just ask the people of New Orleans what they think of their small airports and how private pilots and small planes saved lives and removed evacuees during their recent emergencies. Oceanside needs our airport now and will value it even more in the days ahead!

Brian Shepherd, OAA Board of Directors

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